Hope Dims for Michael Schumacher as Doctors say “Only A Miracle Can Save Him”

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Michael-Schumacher-photosFormula 1 legend, Michael Schumacher is in critical condition.
His Doctors have told his family that only a miracle can bring him out of his present state.

Schumacher has been in coma for almost 70 days following a ski accident in the French Alps.
The 45-year-old winner of seven grand prix titles has been in an artificially induced coma for 69 days since badly injuring his brain on December 29.

Official news about his condition is minimal: but sources close to the family say the prognosis for Schumacher could not be worse.
‘He is in terrible shape but until the family issue a statement we cannot write about it,’ said one senior German journalist. ‘The family have, we are told, been informed that only a miracle can bring him back now.’

Reports say his wife Corinna spent her 45th birthday at his bedside with their children Gina Marie and Mick, his brother Ralf and his father Rolf Schumacher.

‘Miracles happen, of course, and as a wealthy man he has the best care money can buy. But all the money in the world cannot fix what has happened to him.’ His doctors say.
Experts also say that perhaps the greatest risk of all facing Michael Schumacher in his prone position is pneumonia. The lack of a competent swallowing mechanism can make saliva run into the lungs and trigger the potentially lethal respiratory infection. He also lies on a special air-filled mattress to prevent pressure sores and his urinary tract is under constant vigilance because of the danger of waste bacteria entering the bloodstream and causing a potentially fatal infection.
Our prayers go out to the family of Michael Schumacher at this trying time and we pray also that the Formular-1 legend regains his health as soon as possible.

Hope Dims for Michael Schumacher as Doctors say “Only A Miracle Can Save Him”

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